Welcome to the website of the painter "Pirò"

Pirò continues his bold and unique voyage from the legendary Ulysses to the cosmos of Art.

An eclectic artist – L’Art pour l’Art - widely appreciated, in Europe and wider, all over Mexico and Argentina. A descendant from the philosophically oriented artists: Turner, Ernst, De Chirio and Fontana.

Pirò uses his striking colors on canvas, full of nuances and magnetic vibrations which overwhelm the viewer, and invites him for a fascinating and strange dance of being like in an enigmatic painting of J. Bosch. Pirò's work follows spiritual paths, inspire sudden emotions, ancient anticipation and the joy of living. Below the surface, an unpercievable high level of mysticism spreads through the dynamics of these fluoriscent colours, similar to old Flemish paintings, which seem to gradually emerge from eclipse to boundless oceans of light. From this spinning whirlwind emerges a concealed symbolism placed in a poetic frame. In his phillosophical reflections on the thousand faces of the artistic proces, Pirò creates an incredible universe of art. Like Van Gogh, he captures the mysterious language of harmonious symphonies and amazing colorful games in the mother nature. The art thus perceived proves to be a comforting and romantic adventure. The works of this master from the Marche region manifest a codified architecture of what is Sacred imprisoned in allegorical forms of elements: air, water, humanity and fauna (the eagle, the snake, the lion). In this way the wise message of the dualism of the body–animus emerges. What is real is described, but also cultivated and transfigured in its profoundness: the rhythms and the dissonances of the sky, of the subconscious, of a rock, of a bird, of a tree. The ray of introspection guides the sublime Mystery of creation, and it is the most important leitmotif, where the originality of this artist comes from.