Welcome to the site of the painter "Pirò"

More and more pathos defined, Pirò continues his bold and unique voyage from the legendary ulysses to the cosmos of Art.

A multifaceted artist – L’Art pour l’Art -. widely appreciated , not only in Europe , but also in Mexico and Argentina. You could say that he has heredited from the philosophical thought of past artists : Turner, Ernst, De Chirio e Fontana.

Pirò s tracks of evocative colors on canvas, full of nuances and magnetic vibrations, overwhelm the viewer in a fascinating, strange dance of our being like an enigmatic immage of J. Bosch. In fact, his work, that traces spiritual paths, inspire sudden emotions, ancestral expectations and the joy of living. Underground, and almost an unpercievable high level of mysticism permeates vis dynamics of these fluoriscent colours, similar to old Flemish paintings, which seem to gradually emerge in performance from eclipse to boundless oceans of light. In this swhirling swirl transpires a delicate veiled symbolism placed in a poetic frame. In his phillosophical reflections of a thousand faces the artistic route piro’ circumscribes the sphere the infinite moments with primordial echoes, thus realizing a forged universe of art.